New Website Launched

New website launched

Small business owners today secure access to free resources aimed at helping them grow their business as Bluefinch launches new website.

Searching the web for quality information can be time consuming and problematic. Recent research concludes that managers within the SME market spend many hours or even days each month trawling through websites, searching for solutions to their business issues. In an effort to help these professionals overcome these problems Bluefinch has today launched its new website, which it promises will provide...

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Guinness Ad Set in Pub

Guinness fluffs attempt at content marketing

Every week three to four million people settle in front of their television sets to watch ITV’s The Jonathan Ross Show, airing at 10pm each Saturday (Source: BARB). If you were one of those viewers on 28th October you will have witnessed what was probably one of the greatest examples of a major brand missing the mark in recent years; a three part ad takeover by Diageo forming part of its year-long £34m campaign which aims to improve the “quality” association of its Guinness brand.

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