Company Overview

Bluefinch exists at the cutting edge of modern marketing. We help directors and business owners improve their marketing operations, delivering breakthrough revenue growth and more efficient customer acquisition processes.

Who we are

Our company brings together a team of experienced strategists, communications experts, trainers, and process designers; each of whom are recognised leaders in their own field but who all share our mission to develop stronger sales pipelines.

What we do

Based in an idyllic setting in rural Northumberland but operating across the United Kingdom, Bluefinch works with its clients to transform their marketing performance resulting in a regular flow of quality leads ready for sales teams to convert. Companies of all sizes and from all sectors benefit from our expertise in demand generation.

Our engagement with clients provides them with a capability to create, nurture, and manage buyer interest very quickly and at a substantially lower cost than traditional marketing methods. Clients can expect to see returns within 90 days.

Marketing solutions

that add sustainable value