Helping companies grow

Helping Companies Grow

Bluefinch enables companies to transform their marketing performance, delivering breakthrough revenue growth. There are four ways in which we do so.

Create sharp focus

Secure the energy, expertise and insight needed to deliver critical business initiatives.

We use our unparalleled industry and revenue production expertise together with our insight into, and understanding of, the latest marketing technologies and practices to deliver value-creating change for our customers.

Whether you are looking to review your strategy, improve team performance, re-engineer your demand generation processes, model new pricing strategies or strengthen your value proposition, Bluefinch can deliver your critical business initiatives in a controlled manner while you seamlessly manage your business as usual operations.

Reduce time to market

Get your project or business into the revenue phase quicker and at lower risk.

Time-to-market is critical and launching a new product or business always takes much longer than expected. Bluefinch can provide the expertise and resource to help you speed up the time it takes you to reach the revenue phase.

• Create and execute an end-to-end Go To Market plan
• Develop channel and partner recruitment plans
• Create demand generation processes and resources
• Market segmentation and target identification
• Revenue modelling

Optimise revenue performance

Expand your pipeline, improve conversation rates and reduce customer acquisition cost

Line up companies of all shapes and sizes, and there’ll be a small group that consistently out-perform their peers in terms of revenue growth. These fastest growing companies are different because they truly understand the revenue drivers in their organisation. They measure them systematically and pull the appropriate levers that will deliver consistent growth, year on year.

Bluefinch helps its customers improve their revenue performance through services which:

• Rise above the silos traditionally associated with sales and marketing teams
• Establish a standard sales process and consistent management of opportunities
• Automate lead generation, nurturing and qualification
• Provide a single view of the truth though dashboard standardisation
• Continuously optimise processes and resource allocation

Virtualise your resources

Access on-demand marketing services that can flex with the changing needs of your business.

The way companies staff their organizations at all levels is changing. In an era of unprecedented economic uncertainly, virtualising resources to better match headcount levels, skills and costs with today’s needs enables companies to up-skill, move faster and avoid unnecessary costs.

Working with Bluefinch, you’ll have access to the right marketing resources, whenever and wherever you need them.

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