How we work

Bluefinch provides its clients with the capabilities required to overcome the challenges that are preventing or restricting revenue growth in their business. We take a structured approach to our engagements in order to ensure that we consistently deliver enduring value.

Step 1: Understanding your challenges

Understanding Challenges

We will invest the time required to develop a clear understanding of your current marketing performance to identify areas of strength and improvement opportunities.

Respecting the unique circumstances of your business we’ll seek to review your strategy, people, processes, and technology so that we can develop a solution that will add sustainable value; making a real difference to your bottom line.

Step 2: Setting realistic goals

Setting Goals

Using the insight gained during Step 1, we will identify how our services will be able to help you address the challenges you face and agree a set of outcomes to deliver.

Recognising the importance of being able to measure, in monetary terms, the value of any investment you make in your marketing operations, we will ensure these outcomes will enable you to quickly assess the impact of our services on your profitability.

Step 3: Improving capability

Improving Capabilities

All our services are focussed on delivering breakthrough revenue growth by improving the performance of your marketing operations.

We will help your marketing work better, faster and more efficiently resulting in more leads that are ready for your sales team to convert. Fundamentally, we will help you improve the way you do things so that you can increase your profits.

Step 4: Measure improvements & embed new practices

Measuring Outcomes

It is important to ensure that the new capabilities created in Step 3 are embedded into your company’s everyday practice, leaving you with long-term results and sustainable value.

Using the measures and methods agreed earlier in our engagement, we will confirm the delivered benefit, and quantify your true return on investment.

We will help ensure that the improvements we facilitate survive, although as we’re always around to support our customers at a later date if necessary.

Marketing solutions

that add sustainable value