Outsourced Demand Generation

Outsourced Demand Generation

Create, nurture, and manage buying interest through the latest demand generation techniques.

Responding to Buyer 2.0

Today’s buyers find the information they need to make their buying decisions online, using a variety of sources, and at times when they want. Industry research cites that as much as 70% of the buyer’s decision making process is now executed in self-directed research.

To succeed in this new world, organisations must learn how to understand each buyer’s needs and how to assist them in their purchasing process, rather than pushing sales messages at them. In building a reputation as a trusted source of information with the buyer, the seller gets an opportunity to influence their behaviour in favour of a subsequent purchase. Let’s call this demand generation.

Acquiring a competency in demand generation the smart way

Building a demand generation centre and its technology infrastructure from scratch is a complex process. In a 2013 survey of over 900 B2B marketing professionals who have deployed demand generation in their business, 36% of respondents cited the availability of skilled employees as one of the three biggest obstacles in their use of marketing automation technologies, ranking second behind budget constraints which was cited by 37% of respondents.

Outsourcing all or part of your demand generation activities to Bluefinch allows you to acquire organisational capability in demand generation very quickly, at a lower cost and without any of the risk associated with building your in-house skills. Using our demand generation services provides an opportunity to leverage our marketing operations skills and expertise get to market with these new techniques before your competitors, getting you ahead of the crowd and keeping you there.

Blue chip capabilities whatever your organisation’s size

Many SMEs struggle to compete against their larger competitors, effectively locked out of whole markets due to budget and skill constraints.

Bluefinch brings capability learned at some of the UK’s largest companies like Burmah Castrol PLC, RAC PLC and MITIE Group PLC, giving you the opportunity to market like the big guys.

Making a step change in marketing effectiveness

As Bluefinch starts to deliver your demand generation process you’ll be able to adopt a whole new approach to analysing campaign performance. We’ll help you to understand how each of your campaigns influenced buyer behaviour and how your sales revenue can be attributed across the many campaigns involved. This new dimension to marketing analysis provides a much clearer view into marketing effectiveness than was ever possible before.

Learning more

If you need to transform your revenue performance, call us today so that we can arrange a short 20 minute discovery call. During this short conversation we’ll be able to get a basic understanding of your situation and tell you a little more about Bluefinch, allowing both parties to decide whether or not to explore matters further.

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