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Virtual Marketing Director

In a recent member survey for the Federation of Small Businesses, one in seven respondents cited that a lack of marketing skills was a major obstacle to their success. If you feel that you don’t have a “proper” marketing strategy, are struggling to develop your marketing or feel that your team’s marketing skills need improving then a Virtual Marketing Director might be for you.

Get strategic insight

Skills and experience

Developing a high performing marketing function

With Bluefinch working as your Virtual Marketing Director you’ll be able to hand over the headache of running your day-to-day marketing activities and know that we’re there beside you working to deliver the marketing that you’ve always wanted for your organisation. All the time comfortable in the knowledge that, of course, you’ll still be in charge.

We’ll make it our business to know your market, products or services, and know how to best reach and convert your target customers. We’ll create a high performing marketing function that is flexible, sales focussed and efficient - showing you exactly how much revenue you make from each campaign investment.

Structuring a service based around your business needs

We will work with you to design a service package that is based around your business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur working alone a need someone to “do it all” or are a larger organisation with an existing marketing team that needs developing, our Virtual Marketing Director service can be flexed to meet your needs.

Depending on your circumstances our responsibilities might include :
• Strategy development and implementation
• Managing campaign execution
• Team development
• Technology assessment and recommendations
• KPI reporting and analysis
• Digital and Social media development
• Creating marketing and sales alignment
• Production of marketing collateral

Learning more

If you need to transform your revenue performance, call us today so that we can arrange a short 20 minute discovery call. During this short conversation we’ll be able to get a basic understanding of your situation and tell you a little more about Bluefinch, allowing both parties to decide whether or not to explore matters further.

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